Define Fridge Meaning

someone who has never french kissed

Mifflin is in his last year of school and is still a fridge. what a weirdo
By Lissi

"yo man, grab me some cornbreah outta that fridge!
By Erda
Slang adjective originating in Leith, Scotland and often featured in graffiti in that area. Synonym for "harsh" or "in poor taste".

Mate, that joke's a bit fridge
By Debee
place to store cold drinks and food

since when do u keep ice-cream in da fridge

im going to the fridge to get a refreshing drink
By Henrietta
A girl who is frigid and only hangs out with girls. Perhaps the date, but they are too scared to do anything.

They also are overly sacarstic.

Gage: Who went on that hike?

Nathan: Just a bunch of fridges.
By Annemarie
someone who hasn't got on (french kissed) anyone yet.

leigha is stil a fridge would u beleive it.
By Denni

Chris smoked some mad fridge yesterday
By Giorgia

Hey Tom, are you going to eat that pear in the fridge?
By Jacklin
When inappropriate to say fuck, you say fridge.

When you stub your toe you say: Oh fridge.
By Eddi
fridge ---> meaning a girl is fridgid, wont do anything with a boy.

Somewhere 2 cool your food!

cor that girl is a well bad fridge, she wont suk mah nob!

haave u put the milk in the fridge?!
By Corabelle