Define Fried Rice Meaning

Fried Rice
Having sex on a stovetop. Gas stoves are preferred by extreme risk-takers and those who enjoy the smell of burning flesh.

Did you have fried rice last night?" "Yea, but we used an electric stove. Not nearly as exciting.
By Rosemonde
Fried Rice
Despite all the other sexual and racist definitions of this word, Fried Rice is just another type of Asian food.

The Chinese restaurant across the street has some AMAZING Fried Rice.
By Ursulina
Fried Rice
Another slang for sex or making out in Asia.

Male 1: So what are you doing tonight?

Male 2: Gonna make some fried rice with my wife.
By Grayce
Fried Rice
Sexually transmitted disease (male). Very similar to "blue waffle" in a female

My boyfriend said he wasn't cheating and came home with fried rice.
By Lorena
Fried Riced
Referring to the ricing (obnoxious modifications) of automobiles. Fried riced is a descriptive reserved only for those cars whose owners have pushed the ricing envelope to new lows.

What the hell did you do to your car Bounmee? That is beyond just riced, that's fried riced my friend.
By Dehlia
Fried Rice
Uncontrollably high off of marijuana.

1. Yooo we just smoked like 4 L's, we fried rice!

2. What are you doing? About to get fried rice with my friends.
By Berri
Fried Rice
A gay orgy of Asian men in a sauna

By Patrica
Fried Rice
When you no longer want to deal A Male or female no longer

That nigga is fried rice

That girl is fried rice, bro
By Caroljean
Fried Rice
A derogatory term used to describe people of Asian decent. In particular, Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.

I like this neighborhood but there is a lot of fried rice moving in.

I don't mind going over to visit Tokyo, but there are fried rice everywhere
By Julianna
A word used to describe a person lacking the ability to form coherent sentences in spoken conversation; a person given to frequent stuttering.

By Roxana