Define Friendly Meaning

An after work drink with friends; no more than two or three drinks, preferably at happy hour prices.

Jon: Hey mate, wanna go out for a quick friendly today?
Joe: Sure. That should work swell seeing I have to be home by 6:30 for a family event.
By Aggy

This nigga walkin right here is friendly as hell.
By Caren
(verb) To kill yourself, whether intentionally or not.

"Damn, we really weren't too friendly to Eugene yesterday. I hope he didn't freak out."
"Nah man didn't you hear what happened? He friendlied last night. Swallowed a bunch of rat poison."
"Oh that sucks."
"Let's go watch Chappelle's Show."
By Dolores
its used to describe a homosexual

hey man this nigga ja rule is fukin friendly and ish
By Jennifer
1. Severe need of dire sexual intercourse with one or more people:

Diego wants to get friendly with Francis.

2. To engage in a mannerism deemed highly sexual.

Diego got friendly with Francis.

By Madelena
A guy/female that is a little too flirty with every female/guy they meet

“You a little too friendly with that nigga”
By Ysabel
A Robbie Williams fan.The name was given to fans by Robbie Williams in the summer of 2011.
They are characterised by their friendly nature, acceptance of others and gentleness. Likely to be seen giving cheeky winks and hugs. Their natural habitat is

Person 1 “Are you a Robbie Williams fan?”
Person 2 “No I’m a friendlie (((hugs)))”
By Cybil

"We can't use an air-strike because there are too many friendlies in the area!"
By Meaghan
The act of making friends easily .

People who are friendly Are
By Brooks
A nice way of saying slutty. Often followed by "if you know what I mean".

By Merrili