Define Fully Meaning

Said to mean Really, Totally, Completely, a lot, very much so or to add emphasis to something.
Also said as an acknowledgement meaning O.K or I agree/concur. Said 'fulllllllleeeeee bro' in the west of Sydney or anywhere 'West' in Australia.

1. "I am fully sick of this shit!"
"You should fully quit."
"Fully Sick Bro!"
2. "I can't believe Jack is in LongBay!"
"Yeah, fully."
By Giustina

ya'll got them semi's, we got them fully's, lets swang them thangs then
By Audrey
If ur not bout it or you get on someones nerves easily.

Damn bro, Keisha is so fully.
By Thea

Oh man, that was a fully!
By Denni
When a girls tittie pops out unexpectingly and your lucky to catch sight of it.

"Damn! You see Haley's tittie bust out?!"

"Now thats what I call a fully yo!"
By Hillary
to agree with someone. synonymous with "completely" or "totally"

"So, you wanna come?", "fully"
OR, "I fully want to come"
By Lonnie
To agree with a point 100% or also to emphasize your feeling on something

1) Hey baz can i borrow a smoke? Yea man u fully can
2) I fully want you to shut up and fuck off you worthless hood rat
By Fifi
Something you say when you completely agree with someone.

P1: "Yo this hit is underrated"
By Gilemette

"oh my god, i would fully do that."

"like, i fully don't get what he was saying to me.."
By Charyl
A full beer. Used when you have finished a beer and want to replace an empty with a full beer

Hey, get rid of all these empties and bring me a fullie
By Elle