Define Gabe Meaning

upfront sometimes mean. he changes moods very fast it is usually hard for people like Gabe to open up. Gabe's usually are big flirts and tend to just think for the moment but not for the future. Gabe's are very smart and are sweet kind hearted people. they are moody at times and get irritated very easily. they have a hard time trusting people and they find it hard to date for long periods of time and stay in a committed relationship. they tend to be more on the sweet side but only when they want to be they care for others more than their selves. gabe's are hard workers they are tall and cute most of the time. Gabes are very unique and are smart and never give up. they are strong hearted and love to flirt and love girls they are very good with the girls.people with they name gabe are funny and very hyper and love to be in physical activity.(they have big dicks!)

gabe's are usually tall,cute, funny, nice everything a girl wants
By Gaynor
Gabes can be dicks but they can also be kinda sweet. I dated a Gabe and he was sweet at first then one day he kissed me. It was our first kiss. The next day, Gabe dumped me and became a complete asshole. Gabe’s can be jerks but thapey have their times where they actually do know how to treat girls.

I’m dating Gabe!
I don’t know if that a good idea.
By Aurilia

“Who’s this gabe guy?”
Sunset pictures.”
“Sunset. Pictures.”
By Germana
Extreme Awesomeness. Especially when concerned with Rowing and Crew.
Also can be used when describing ones greatness at life.

Geez that amazing person is a Gabe.

Geez I wish everyone loved me like they do all the Gabes.
By Nita

By Megen
the coolest something can be

yo homes, that new wu-tang cd is GABE man!
By Eachelle
Gabe, short for Gabriel, angel of god and harbringer of divine light upon the crumpled masses.

And as Gabe descended upon the waterpolo game god said to him "Los Altos shall win" and it was so.
By Carlynne
A stupid faggot who hates Infinite Warfare and is obsessed with dick and BATTlefield

By Mona
to drill a girl ; stick an entire hand up her vajay vigorously.

girl 1: so how was last night with andrew?
girl 2: TERRIBLE. he gabed me! NO WARNING OR ANYTHING!
By May
He worships rocks. He has no brain and is not capable of advanced intelligence. He never has any friends other than that of the occasional rock.

By Gwyneth