Define Garbage Meaning

something to say when you have nothing else to insult with

youre garbage, kid
By Gayla
1. Discarded or useless material
2. Disliked object or person

See "trash"

1. This computer is garbage now that I've messed it up.

2. Your ideas are nothing but garbage
By Dulcine

Did you see who was kicked off the island on that garbage show?
By Taryn
Something that is weak, useless, not good quality. Similar to wack.

"Man that new video game is garbage, don't even waste your money on it"
By Lottie

man, have you heard the new garbage album?
By Joycelin
Garbage is a word that refers to something that is shitty or sucks a lot of ass.

Also see: rap

Set "Man, that new 50 cent album is garbage."
By Cathie
referring to the quality of something, e.g. food, sex, how you feel

Your mother is garbage, in bed.
I feel like garbage, I'm going to go throw up.
By Brynna
a rock band formed in 1994 fronted by singer Shirley Manson that has yielded such hits as "Only Happy When It Rains," "Stupid Girl," "I Think I'm Paranoid," "Special," "The World Is Not Enough," as well as others.

I saw Garbage perform live in Long Beach with No Doubt back in November of 2002.
By Berny
Something that is just pure junk, see useless

By Celine

Version 2.0
Bleed Like Me
By Margo