Define Gas Tank Meaning

Gas Tank
The act of a women giving oral sex, but instead of spitting or swallowing she just lets her moth fill up with the mans cum.

Dude, your girl just gave me a gas tank.
By Melicent
Gas Tank

That is Gas Tank.
By Arlyne
Gas Tank
The act of farting inside of a car and locking all the windows, making the people inside suffer.

Fred: Why are you looking at me like that? What's that smell? Holy mother of god, not a gas tank!
By Dyane
Sugar In The Gas Tank
Having effeminate mannerisms or being a closeted homosexual.

Is he gay? Well, I think he has some sugar in the gas tank.
By Yovonnda
Abbo In The Gas Tank
The only logical explanation for cars that appear to use a large amount of petrol.

Driver: Fuck man, how does my car use so much petrol.
Passenger: Eh, must be an abbo in the gas tank.
By Gabey
Filling The Gas Tank
Filling the gas tank is when you stick your dick into someone's ass (male or female) and proceed to piss.

Cade: I got laid last night.
Owen: Yeah right, by who?
Cade: Bronwynn let me try Filling the gas tank
Owen: 🅱oi
By Talyah
Puts It In The Gas Tank
Something one does to get elected captain of a high school cross country team. The act is very naughty and obscene. The person who puts it in the gas tank usually denies the allegation or asks what it "puts it in the gas tank" even means.

Flynners puts it in the gas tank, so does his running friend N.O.
By Esther
Sweaty Gas Tank
(Noun) Term coined in Houston Texas at the winter weekend BBQ. When about to engage in coitus with a Thai lady boy you reach down and slowly slide your finger into an inside out urethra. You then wipe your hands on a dirty rag

“Hey Greg, how hot was that Thai chick?”
“Man, that wasn’t a chick. I just got a sweaty gas tank”
By Gillan
Gas Tank Penis
A penis the size of a hugeee gas tank

also called just "GTP"

Joe: H000LY SH111T!!one1!! this porn is like soo good!
Dan: L0L. dat nigga has that GTP. all day, for life.
Desmond: GTP?!?
By Celesta
Fill The Gas Tank

Person A: I went home with that girl last night.

Person B: Did you "fill the gas tank"?
By Bree