Define Geeky Meaning


super geeky!
By Ingrid

Forgive me for my geeky use of the term glass tty.
By Petunia
You get so high that you laugh alot and just cant stop laughing.

Last night I was fuckin geeky.
By Lynnette

By Elspeth
The same as Techy
especially since modern computers.

I need to get my geeky neighbour
to fix my computer again.
By Billye
Someone who cant get a girl no matter how hard he tries. Usually ends up with some chick who treats him like crap. Can also be renowned for there poor social skills

Tom is so Geekie!
By Pansie
Geekiness is an adjective used to describe an individual who is a geek

"The chess club is just reaking with geekiness..."
By Isidora
Geeky Otter
A person you know that happens to be a complete fandomaniac, and knows such trivial things about said fandoms, such as that Hermione's patronus is an otter.

Person 1: 'I heard that you liked the Harry Potter series?'
Person 2: 'Well obviously! Did you know that Godric Gryffindor's animagus is a giant squid?'
Person 1: 'Don't be such a Geeky Otter...'
By Gabriell
Geeky Cute
A nerdy guy who has a hot quality to him. Usually a computer geek, or a gamer geek that is actually cute and would get laid.

"Oh my god Whitney, the guy that fixes our computers at work is geeky cute."
By Robinett
Geeky Gangster
Someone who is generally geeky (usually works in the IT field) but has tattoos

Gary is such a geeky gangster. He knows so much about computers, but is covered in tats...that's what makes him cool.
By Madelaine