Define Genuine Meaning

Someone who is real; down to earth and doesnt pose; isnt a fake bitch

Genuine is real- Big L
By Gina
possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real

She is actually a genuine person
By Eula
Meaning "genuinely a good kid", someone who doesn't drink or do drugs, etc.

Yo dawg, you wanna go smoke?
Nah man, I'm genuine.
By Benedicta
Nickname, commonly used to refer to Kate MacKeigan. Also means ridiculously sexy, being pure and authentic

Come Get Crunk Genuine, ok there la?
By Willabella

Don't get genuine with me!

Are you trying to get genuine with me?
By Chelsy

"Some people genuinely think that me and Harry are in a relationship. They genuinely, seriously think that we're in a relationship."
By Lanette
Displaying a great sense of character without compromising one's values and sense of self.

Chad exuded genuinicity while handing Misty her hand-crafted beverage with a smile.
By Kakalina
Saying something is genuine but adding a Ly at the end.

I genuinely want to kill you
I genuinely want some cheese
By Melloney

There were genuines
By Harriett
The measure of how genuine something, or someone truly is.

The Swedish Professor expressed such genuinity in her apology, that I couldn't possibly hold a grudge against her.
By Tony