Define German Meaning

1. A language whose arcane grammar can drive you crazy.

2. Something of German origin; i.e., beer or cars.

3 A resident of Germany; person of German descent. Typically, a mellow, intelligent thinking creature, invariably polite, living in the area of land commonly known as Germany, a lush, wooded land with the Alps to the south, gentle, rolling hills in the center, and the North Sea to the North.

The typical German is even-tempered, tolerant, respectful, practical, and somewhat skeptical and pessimistic by nature. German men are far less sexist than American men, and are more prone to marriage. Germans, though, typically have small families.

A German tends to be a lover of nature, well-organized, frugal and efficient. They seldom lose their tempers- if you go to a German bar, people are usually friendly and happy, unlike an American bar, where people start fights.

Germans love fast cars, motorcycles, good beer, taking lots of holidays, and walking in nature. Germany is a great place for the outdoors, and people love hiking, camping and cycling.

Germans are often tastelessly dressed, and German women often wear atrocious clothes. German food is OK, if you like pork. German bread, on the other hand, is excellent. It doesn't matter, though, because German people mostly eat Italian and French food.

Germans make the best engineers, computer scientists, and technicians. They never go anywhere without their "handies" (cell phones), they're mad about soccer, and they love to have a festival. They take a day off for every holiday, including all-saint's day, May Day and the assumption of the Virgin Mary (despite the fact that most Germans don't go to church often). The biggest parties are Karneval and the Love Parade.

They typical German hates extremes and extremists of all kinds, including neo-nazis, who comprise a hated minority in the country. Most people are moderate in their beliefs. There are lots of political parties in Germany, including the Green Party, who helped turn Germany into the biggest purveyor of solar power and electric windmills.

Germans don't neccesarily dislike any group of people; Germans often visit France, England, the US, Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Mediterranean. Often, though, other nations have prejudices about Germans. Germany is ethnically mixed, though, and lots of Germans marry non-Germans.

1. How do you translate the German word "unwahrscheinlichkeit"?
2. This German wheat beer- Franziskaner Weissbier"- is excellent.
3. Look at that cute German techie guy over there.
By Eunice
n. language spoken in several European countries (Germany, Austria, Eastern Switzerland, Northern Italy). German has a very complicated/confusing grammatical structure and tends to sound very harsh to non-German speakers. Differences in local dialects can effectively hinder communications between parts of the population. Words can reach amazing lenghts through more or less sensible combinations (see below).
For Trekkies: Similarities to Klingon pronounciation are evident.

Überschallgeschwindigkeitsflugzeug = an airplane capable of supersonic speeds
By Marice
Orgasmic beings residing in the land of Germany.
They be gorgeous and they have a very sexy language ;-)

I LOVE Germans

Ich liebe Deutschlanderin
By Brunhilda
Generally nice people,they are NOT nazis,people that say "Oh all Germans are nazis"are the most ignorant fucking people in the world.

Hey that guys German looks like a nice guy
By Ettie

**** is really hot and so is his brother ***
By Romonda
Guten Tag!
No the Germans aren't nazis! Germans are cool and the girls are pretty. Boys from Germany are the hottest! So everybody who doesn't like the German should go there and talk to them.

"Hallo, wie geht's?" ( Hello, how are you?)
or "Tschüss" (Goodbye)

By Aurilia
It´s so funny to read all that crap.
Some People in Germany are well dressed, some bad (more are bad dressed, i guess thats kinda true), a few are Neo-Nazis, a few hate America, a few hate France, some love France, some love America, everyone hates Bush, some buy wifes in Thailand, some marry Irish men, some love to eat Weißwurst, most love to eat Italian can you all be so stupid to generalize what is german?
I AM German *damn* and I am NOT practical, I am NOT fat, I DON´T travel to cheap counries, these "intelligent" tech-guys are NOT hot, they´re ugly, (well, i AM damn hot :P )
Stop saying whats typical german! except Beer. Thats really typical german!

German: nice People, lots of history, lots of woods and hills, best known for beer, cars, history and sauerkraut.
That´s it.
Thank you.

My german Mother married an American Soldier 2 Years ago.
My Grandmother was not forced to be a Nazi. She just grew up with that System and accepted it.
By Mommy
Germans are quite rational. Most of them think before they do anything; or try to, if possible. Therefore, they sometimes act cold. But they aren't. Most of them think a lot of old disciplines like honesty, accuracy and diligence. Sometime too much..
Germany has a lot of good people, art and music is loved; but there is a great influence of a suggested american lifestyle, suggested by bad hollywood films.

Nazi's are hated. They are mainly called as dump, rude and everytime able to club *anyone*. That can be a German too, the question is - if he's "in the way". In Germany, they're called "Neo-Nazi's", because they mainly don't have anything to do with Hitler. They use his' symbols, but they have different "aims".

By the way, I'm German, and I LOVE THIS language. It's because you can express a lot in "lyrical pictures":

You won't understand the word money-free, it doesn't exist. In German it is possible to mix both up, to get a complete new expression. Money=Geld, free=frei (it acts here as an adjective):

"Ich bin geldfrei!" means(with a comical sense): "I don't have money!". It isn't possible to say: I am(or have) money-free(which was the word-by-word translation).

And THATS the most beatiful thing in the german language! A fantastic, free use of words, which *make* new senses, and give excatly that expression, which is meant.
By Nikoletta

I LOVE GERMAN and miss it 2

By Camella

1. The k98, mp40, mp5, and hk91 are all fine examples of german firearms.

2. The 9mm Luger, the most popular handgun cartridge in the world today, was invented by the germans.
By Kassi