Define Gets Meaning


"yo dude im gonna get my gets with that girl tonight."

By Jonie
Short for "get it?" or "get me?"

"Geez, Kelsy! I've got work to do and I don't need you breathing down my neck. Gets?"
By Opalina
The verb GET is a synonym for to obtain. Right.
To GET GET would therefore mean to OBTAIN OBTAIN.
Now the verb GET GET is a slightly downgraded, less elderly offensive, and actively 007ish combination for GETTING SOMEONE or even, with the appropriate low rise intonation, GETTING LAID.

Now spread the gospel (when you're not get getting, that goes without saying.)

Did you get get her / him yesterday?

I so need to get get.

Get getting is a fact of life.

Can you just keep your mind off get getting for once?

How about we got got?
By Madeleine
Get It Get It
A positive statement to pump someone up like a cheerleader. To achieve a goal. Reinforcement on the repetitive notion to achieve maximal greatness at the task at hand.

Kelli "I'm takin' two cookies"
Jami "Get it Get it!!"
By Margot
Phrase encouraging whomever is listening to go ahead and move forward, doing whatever it is one is talking of doing without haste.

Brian told Bret, "Bro, if you gonna go get me my money you might ought to go ahead and get-that-in before I have to go".
By Ginni
Getting In
Getting in is before you do anything sexual or romantic, it's the getting close and talking before hand.

"Are you and James getting in?"
By Sari
Get By
Get by = manage

When someone has to manage sth or a situation

Fuck! It's getting worse and worse, I can't get by it anymore.
By Glynis
Getting It On

John and Jane are getting it on in the bedroom.
By Nerti
A word used to identify a post with a certain number that marks a milestone on a forum.

A common example is on 4chan or a similar site where people race to obtain 4MIL GET (4000000th post) or perhaps even 7777777GET.

However, the GET may be either successful, leading it to be enjoyed and commemorated by the community or a failure, leading to posts filled with sage and general unpopularity.


"omg, a modget, fails harder than milhouse"
By Annemarie
Getting It In
if you're a girl, letting a guy put his dick in your vagina.
if you're a guy, means putting your dick in a girl's vagina.

Guy: Are you getting it in?
Guy: All day, all night
By Brigid