Define Getting Caught Meaning

Getting Caught
When your beating your meat and someone, most likely your mom, walks in and catches you doing it

Tyler: you know what sucks

Tyler:getting caught

Dean:the fuck does that mean
Tyler:go on urban dictionary
Dean:oh shit your right that does suck
By Jobie
Getting Caught
Something that makes someone a criminal in 2077.

Johnny: In 2077, what makes someone a criminal? Getting Caught
By Meagan
Don't Get Caught
The number 1 rule, the golden rule, the only rule for stealing.

Friend1: Man, I got service hours for shoplifting.
Friend2: You dumbass, you broke the rule.
Friend1: Which one?
Friend2: Don't get caught.
By Stacia
Getting Caught In 4k
sleepy on twitter, always sayin some outta pocket shit

By Melisandra
Getting Caught Tubing It
The process of masturbating and getting caught by multiple members of the Esco family.

Jack was tubing it in the kitchen on a late summers eve. Eli entered the room. Jack Was getting caught tubing it!
By Myrle
Oh Shit If I Get Caught With This I'm Fucked
What is said after you accidentally (or sometimes purposely) download child pornography onto your computer.

B3nhur: hey i just DLed one night in paris
J4ke: omg! is it hott??
B3nhur: oh shit if i get caught with this i'm fucked
J4ke: wut? y?
B3nhur: cause it's fuckin kid porn under the wrong name
J4ke: omfg
By Vinnie
Don’t Get Caught
A song by a young Hilliard rapper. He sold some shirts to people pretending to not get caught by they got caught.

By Margaux