Define Gigantic Meaning


gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love!
By Drusie
a cross between gigantic and enormous. fricken HUGE!!

wow, your house is one gigantous mofo!
By Maiga
A physical condition where a chick is quite large (often 6 ft or taller) but not really fat, thus still attractive and very fuckable. Small men are often intimidated by such women which is unfortunate for them, because they are great lays. Women's volleyball players often suffer from gigantism.

"Damn, did you see those fine-ass honeys in the 2-on-2 beach volleyball tournament? They have gigantism, but I'd fuck the shit out of all of them."
By Kathy
No, MY girlfriends boobs.

Also, when combined with "cunt", it becomes gunt.

"You see that Billy? That's a gunt."
By Celestyn
It's when someone has a dick that's bigger than big.

Guy 1: Oh damn look at him.
Guy 2: I bet he has a Gigantic dick.
Guy 1: Well his name is Macauw.
By Giselle
meaning one that is large in size; it is derived from the Latin language originally, but also translated from the Native American tribe of James Bay Cree

"Mi abuelo es gigante!"

"My hard drive is gigante"
By Easter
Gigantic Tager
1) One of Iron Tager's (a character from Blazblue: Calamity Trigger) battle cries.

2) The best word ever to replace/censor the word "penis."


2) Iron Tager: K-Kokonoe, when did you install this...?

Kokonoe: Oh a little bit ago. It's an interesting idea but it doesn't work very well on the arms. I'm thinking of moving it, maybe putting it on your chest or your *GIGANTIC TAGER!*.

That second example is from "Teach me, Miss Litchi!"
By Marketa
Gigantic Otn
A vocaloid song created by Giga-P and Reol, featuring Len Kagemine , about a sexually frustrated 14-year old boy

By Linette
Gigantic Faggot
One who has taken faggotry to the highest level imagineable but not in the homosexual way.

It is meant to define people who have done something so stupid the only way to define it is calling them this word

Did he seriously just cry at the Notebook what a gigantic faggot
By Karlen
El Gigante
1. an increadibly great boss in Resident Evil 4.
2. a nickname for a huge penis that loves cherries.

My El Gigante likes lots of hot women.
By Nathalie