Define Ginger Bread Meaning

Ginger Bread

this car has all ginger bread installed
By Kirsten
Ginger Bread Man

Um the ginger bread man cos I got that flower.
By Krissy
Ginger Bread Men
The smell left lingering in a room after sex of the anal variety has occurred between two men. Usually following the word baking.

1) Man, smells like someone has been baking some ginger bread men in here!

2) See you later guys, I'm off to bake some ginger bread men.
By Anestassia
Ginger Bread Man
(n.) One who runs in the face of adversity
(v.) To run away

Comes from the story of the famous cookie that no one could catch

"Run Run as fast as you can, You can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man!"

Dagg I didnt see you at the fight, you were hiding in the car weren't you ginger bread man?

Guy 1: How come ya'll didn't fight yesterday
Guy 2: That wimp pulled a ginger bread man on me
By Margalit
Ginger Bread Bitch
A fine-ass ginger female with an amazing body and assets. These girls know they look fine because red-heads are a dying breed.

*Red-head walks past*
Friend 1: Damn. A ginger with legs, an ass and some nice titties. Pretty hard to find. That bitch is fine as fuck.

Friend 2: You are not lying. That's a Ginger Bread Bitch.
By Glennie
Ginger Bread Man
An extremely athletic person with red hair

By Timmie
Ginger Bread Man
When you ejaculate on a woman’s face and proceed to rub your ball sac across her forehead through the semen (to apply the frosting) creating a ginger bread man.

When I nutted on that hoe’s forehead and rubbed my nut sac straight up n’ down her face I yelled, “Merry Christmas, bitch!” And that’s how you make a ginger bread man.
By Laure