Define Give Me Meaning

Give Me
to take and steal from you

give me thank you
By Joeann
Give Me Liberto Or Give Me Death
This was used as a line in the show 'MAD TV' in one of the sketch's on the show. Its a spin off of "give me liberty or give me death!". Usually used by the dimmer white-trash man who didn't pay attention in Social Studies/History enough to understand the depth of the actual saying.

By Sapphira
Give Me Brain

By Rozalie
Give Me A Bell

Give me a bell as soon as you get home. I won't go to bed until I get your ring.
By Averyl
Giving Me The Evils
Giving someone the " evil eye". Looking at someone in a way that makes them feel scared, guilty or patronised

He saw me steal the burger last night. He's giving me the evils
By Miguela
Give Me A Break

"The accident wasn't my fault, so give me a break."
By Rhianon
Giving Me Life
Anything that you get excited or pumped about; anything that makes you laugh emphatically

"Honey, that dress you got on is giving me life!"

"This video of a guy falling over while running from a spider is giving me life!"
By Margaretha
Giving Me The Gears
Giving the gears is to tease someone by giving them a bit of a hard time but not in a harsh or unkind way.

They were giving me the gears because I went golfing with the boss.
By Asia
Gives Me The Willies
Something very scary or creepy. Alternative: it gives me the creeps.

Origin: A family that got killed in a tragic landslide in New Hampsire in 1826.

By Vernice
Give Me Face
basically to give head aka oral sex

before anything else...give me face first.
By Mari