Define Give Up Meaning

Give Up
A feeling or desire when beauty cannot be seen.

There must have been hundreds of subtle influences disguised as whispers that amounted to one strong presence of a voice that said: Give up.
By Adrienne
Give Up

By Jobi
Give Up

FRANCE: we give up.
U.S.: what a shocker!!!
By Basia
Giving Up
When you are done and just don't try anymore. Giving up is when you stop trying to get the boy you've liked for "ages" Or when you realize cleaning your room is impossible because its so cluttered. Or when you can't figure out what color to paint your room so you just leave it how it is. Giving up is quitting and not trying anymore.

1. I can't do this homework anymore, its so hard I'm just giving up

2. I can't find the 5 gum I want. I'm just gonna give up looking for it
By Avie
Slang for sweatpants, and other scummy clothes. They are dubbed so because when you wear sweatpants you have given up on your life, and fashion, for the day.

Tessa must have been out late last night. She looks tired and has her Give-Ups on.
By Arly
Giving Up
Giving up is no longer following through on an action.

He was giving up after getting so far.
By Fancie
Sweatpants, when you have no plans for physical activities.

Andrew looked pretty lame wearing his give-ups.
By Lebbie
Giving Up
A phrase used to describe the act of putting the head down on the desk and sleeping in class. People who've given up don't pay attention to class and have very low grades. Giving Up is related to the title: "No future"

-Hey look David fell asleep in class
- Hes "giving up".
By Dalia
Give Up
1. A Gaming Term for attack moves that generally go upward. Compare 'Take Down' (Move), 'Give Out' (Synonym)
2. To surrender. Compare "Take Down", 'Give In'

Smith: "It's time for a Take Down, John!"
John "You got it coming!"
John took down (a smack) upon Smith
John "Give Up, Smith!"
Smith: "You got it coming!"
Smith gave up (a punch) upon John
It's a Draw!
By Gwenette
Give Up Give In
A kickass straight-edge band in Northern New York with a talented lead singer (who has AWESOME hair that I am totally in awe of).

Person 1: Hey, did you go to Give Up Give In's show last night in Albany?
Person 2: Yeah. Shame he has a girlfriend, isn't it?
By Stephannie