Define Giving Head Meaning

Giving Head
giving oral sex, usually used to describe giving it to a male, but could be either

Bill Clinton got screwed just because his intern was giving head
By Mariellen
Giving Head

Jenny was giving head to her lover Mona.
By Martguerita
Giving Head
To suck on a man's dick until they cum.

I got caught giving head to a guy at school.
By Inesita
Give Head

By Kacy
Giving Head
When a young teenage girl sneaks over to her male friends house, goes to his room, and without his parents knowing, quietly removes his head from the rest of his body with some sharp object and presents it to her conservative parents, who congratulate her with a credit card.

Jenny was giving head to Micheal last night, but the cops have, for some reason, not arrested her yet.
By Maureene
Give Head
Either to perform fellatio on a male, or cunnilingus on a female.

Bill: Kathy gave me head yesterday.
Kathy: Bill gave me head yesterday.
By Shoshanna
Giving Head

By Lizzy
Giving Head

I was giving head to him all last night so he blew his load on my bush
By Wilhelmina
Give Head
to perform fellatio, that is, to suck dick.
There is some debate as to whether the object of your affections, that is, the suckee, has to cum.If the sucker performs poorly, then the suckee or recipient is not going to get off

She gives excellent head. I became gradually more aroused, then came after about 10 minutes.
By Kalli
Give Head
For girls performing head blowjob

For guys licking pussy

Allie likes to give head

Mike likes to give head
By Ranice