Define Glad Meaning

(adjective) describes a mood of stable happiness, state of elation, also (esp. males) arousal. Noun: Gladness; adverb: gladly; verb: gladden

Just thinking of Georgie's sensuousness made him glad
By Norine
To be the sort of lad who think negging will get you laid, instead he gets pubically shamed in full view of his employers, friends and strangers on social media.
He is his only cheerleader as everyone thinks hes a creepy little weirdo.
He also had tastes in girls below the legal age, hence the famous moniker "The Ipswitch Nonce"

"Mate, is that hat little Gladding prick from 5 a side?"
"Yup thats Lloyd alright. Quick, hide your baby daughter."
By Daffie
Once again another word created by Rygin King, (jamaican dancehall artiste) That makes no sense, but he wouldn’t know cause he’s fully dunce. We assume it’s a combination of thankful and glad but we reconably will never be sure.

Up and gladful today! Give thanks
By Caressa
1. Thankful; great-full 2. Joyful or content.

We were glad our family made it home safely.
By Jenda
The feeling a man has after he ejaculates.

I'm so glad that I feel we should sleep together!
By Yetta
Glad Hands
Used to describe a handshake from a person who has malicious intentions, in regards to your future.

Fuck smiley glad hands
With hidden agendas
Fuck these dysfunctional,
Insecure actresses

- from "Aenima" by Tool
By Norine
Glad Eye
"give the glad eye" - look seductively at someone

When Bradford Bulgingmuscles entered the room, Lucy batted her lashes and gave him the glad eye.
By Karylin
Glad Eye
To look at someone seductively and/or in a way that suggests you find them sexually attractive.

Sometimes verges on leering.

"Oh my god! Did you see the way John looked at you when you walked in the door? He was TOTALLY giving you the glad eye!"
By Demeter
Glad Hander
Smarmy individual who hugs a lot, gets too close and is generally over friendly in an irritating way.

That phoney glad hander invades my space.
By Sheila-Kathryn
Glad Rags
Your "goin out" clothes. the clothes you dress up to go out dancin in. Useually something retro, vintage or unique.

Get yer Glad Rags on. Lets have a night on the tiles!
By Heddi