Define Glossy Meaning


have you seen that girl hilary? she is one glossy broad.
By Valene
fabulously great looking in every way. The highest form of beauty and allure is glossiness.

Sienna Miller is damn glossy.
By Carma
A type of printout where the paper is shiny.

The printing company only charges 25 cents for a glossy.
By Aurlie
When your forehead, chin, nose, etc. reflects sunlight in an unhealthy manner. Glossy parts of your face is an undesirable characteristic, possessed by only the nerdiest, and geekiest of people. A pale, white, glossy forehead is the most common glossy trait.

Hahaha! You glossy son of a bitch, get a tan!
By Krissie
The in-between of being drunk and hungover.

Shit, I don't know if I'm drunk or hungover. I think I'm glossy
By Sandi
Slick or clever in nature: can be referring to speech, text, style, or any trait in general.

"The way he talks is so glossy"
"Her style is so glossy"
By Roslyn

By Ann-Marie
1. Noun.

Short form of glossoprostitute


Since the boob job, Caty had lost her girl-next-door charm and became just another glossie.
By Malena
Refers to a mix of gone and lost. Its where your eyes are very watery and a little bit red. As well as being some what blazed and or tipsy.

After enjoying some Panama Red Tom became very glossy.
By Dedie
A Female/Male who thinks they are cool, but really isn't...

"Look at the glossy ass female, thinkin she's tight..."
By Carolin