Define Go Meaning

an ancient board game originated from China, now commonly played in japan and korea also. It's becomming more popular around the world after the anime Hikaru no go

to play internet go visite

or visite yahoo games

By Jayme

By Chantal
To fight with another person.

By Ginny
As in "to have a go"

Slang for 'to date' or 'to have sex with'- often both.

As in "to have a go at"

The attempt to flirt with or ask out a person, often with intent to get them into bed. Also 'to fuck' or any manner of sexual acts.

"I would've had a go with Mike."

"I'm gonna' have a go at her in just a minute.."
By Bryna
to move or travel; see proceed

By Lisbeth
a) a replacement for any noun in a sentence, and of course, as a verb.

b) a replacement for any odd sexual thing you might want to say.

your go is going.
go get me some go.
are you going to the go?
did you see the go?

did they go?
did you see their go?
was their go going?
By Maressa
to move

By Adaline
In hardcore punk:

1 - The basis of all hardcore.

2 - Chorus, fast part, sing-a-long or breakdown.

is a word that defies definition
it needs no clarification
is the foundation of hardcore
but for me it means so much more
it can signify a chorus or a fast part, too
a sing along with my friends or a heavy breakdown
let's fucking Go!!!
so c'mon man, don't be ashamed
screaming "Go!" is not a game
and for all the bands who don't say it
you are so fucking lame
1-2-3 Go!
next time you are at a show
and the crucial moment arrives
point your finger and shout Go!
the word Go! is for everyone
and to say it is so much fun
but the emo kids hate it
next time you are at a show
and the crucial moment arrives
point your finger and shout Go!
By Maryjo
Amphetamines (or speed) used recreationally by either snorting or injecting.

Hey dude this go has been cut with Ajax or something.
By Cammie

By Zondra