Define Goin Meaning

A girl that is a hoe or fucked alot of people and still fuckin niggaz

man that last girl i went wit was goin
By Marybeth
Goin In

ryan: damn quincymayne dat freestyle was dope
quincymayne: yeah my nigga, im goin in
By Kiri
Goin In

i was about to be goin in on her but my mom called me
By Frayda
Goin' On
Knowing what your doing and how to do it right.

person1: Kelly's hot!
person2: Yea, Kelly's got it goin' on!
By Daria
It's Goin

-How's it goin?
-It's goin man, it's goin.
By Allina
short for "goin for the team"
another way of saying she is down to fuck

yo, is she goin' fam
yeah "G" she goin for the whole team
By Chelsie
Goin' On
To fry, flame, roast or jone on somebody for any reason. To make fun of someone and embarress them.

1. Eh they was goin' on mike the other day in front of the whole school... He jive like a bamma anyway
By Ethyl
Goin' To It

Woody put his head phones on and started to mow the lawn, he was really going to it.
By Madelene
a very similar meaning to the french word "bof". meaning efforletlessly boring. the word "goiner" can be often attributed to a moronic man or woman. People deeply interested in computer programing or hacking are sometimes labelled "wormgoine". the famous footballer PAUL GASGOINE. Goine was formely a popular word but now is used soley by deep vein dyno snoutopians.

" le patanoire cest bof" or " ice rink goine"
By Jamie
The act of punishing a weak man by railing him in the ass.

His wife was three times bigger than him so she regularly gave him the goines.
By Helenka