Define Going To Bed Meaning

Going To Bed
telling people during a party that you're going to sleep but rarely end up in a bed

guy 1: dude its 5am im going to bed
guy 2: bitch get off my counter
guy 1: sorry
By Mira
Going To Bed
code for losers who don't get any pussy to say they are going to bed but in actuality they are going to jerk off. trying to sound like they are too cool.

Matt just made a Jib Jab video of a buddy dancing but we all knew he was going to spank his monkey and he told us he was "going to bed".
By Raphaela
Going To Bed
What someone says they will do when they are about to jerkofff. They probably don't sleep for another hour

I'm going to bed. Let's see how far I can shoot my cum
By Emilee
Go To Bed
shut up. go home. get out. go away.
a remark used after a stupid statment.

Example 1.
*in class*
person 1: hey check my new belt out.
person 2: go to bedddd.

Example 2. henry
By Eilis
Go To Bed
The step up from "STFU" because "STFU" just causes you to lose the right to talk where as "Go to Bed" takes away your right of consciousness for that day. Being told this is considered extremely offensive, and it is abbreviated to "GTB" for easier use on forums and other things involving the internet.

Eaxample 1:

Person 1: I could 0wn you with my level 45 paladin n00b!
Person not 1: Go to Bed Neine Fro!

Example 2:

Person A: You are a jerk...
Person B: GTB
By Pauletta
Going To Bed
What someone's says when there laying in bed playing on there phone so they don't have to talk

"Last night he said he was going to bed but he liked some bitches pic on instagram"
By Norine
Go To Bed
Go To Bed

By Krystal
Go To Bed

mama:so ben you wanna eat chips
Benn:im sorry mom
Mama:whoops benn ass
Shawn:starts twerking on marcus.
Marcus:pushes shwan off the bunk bed and he dies.
Benn:*still getting his ass beat* damn
Mama:now YALL needa go to BEDD
By Halette
Go To Bed
an annoying phrase often used by intimate couples when addressing younger siblings.

go to bed
By Lexy
Going To Bed
When you decide to move away from your computer to "sleep" when you really just lie in bed with your phone.

Man I really should start "going to bed," I've been on the computer for like 9 hours.
By Coreen