Define Gonna Meaning

The Urban slang for 'Going To'

"Im GONNA cap ur punk ass... I knowz ur da stupid ass mothafucka who was talkin all dat crazy shit to my girl"
By Natalya
A word for people who are too lazy to say 'going to'.

Guy 1: Man, I got a C on my English.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: Because I said gonna instead of going to.
Guy 2: I was gonna do that but then I didn't.
By Torie

I am gonna do that right now.
Translation = yeah, I'll be doing that just as soon as you drop 40 pounds!
By Gwen
When you say you are going to do something but don't actually get off your butt to do it. Ever.

I'm gonna fix that broken thingy for you dear.

Yes I'm gonna build a house for myself to live in.
By Birgit
Gonnae No
A Scottish term meaning "can you not" or "don't do that" or "can you stop".

Also commonly used like: Gonnae no dae that

—Gonnae no dae that! —How no? —Jist gonnae no! —Don't do that! —Why not? —Just don't!
By Melanie
Scottish term meaning "going to" (as opposed to the "will you" put forth by the above user).

"I'm just going to go out for a minute"
"Am jist gonnae go oot fur a minute"

"Going to not do that?"
"Gonnae no' dae that?"
By Lulita
Scottish term meaning "will you". Used particularly in the west coast of Scotland - also see Weegie.

By Kip
A slang word that is used to say “going” really fast

By Perla
Gonna Kill It

1)Owen is taking his test today. He studied a lot for it so he's gonna kill it!

2) I'm running a 5K today, I'm gonna kill it!
By Pamela
Not Gonna Be A Christmas
An expression that expresses the seriousness of a situation and a potential terrible result if a remedy is not found. Reference to children's Christmas specials where the plot centers around saving Christmas.

'If I don't find the bathroom soon, there's not gonna be a Christmas'
By Dyan