Define Good Meaning

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Do you want some juice? Nah I'm Good
By Cariotta

"you're not bad, you're good!"
By Kristien
(n.) high quality kind bud that often results in a near catatonic state

Say bra, you want to come over and hit a bowl of the good?
By Theodora
To be modestly exceptional in bed.

Damn! You were so good...
By Bonnee
a slang term for sex.

By Karrie
when a girl or good is extrememly great in bed. pretty much the best sex you've ever had.

for a girl, its a combination of having aquafina flow and ridicoulusly tight skills.

for a guy, its when your dick is just that good and your stroke is on point.

also can be a shortened form of good dick/ good pussy.

"Man, I got that good!"

"Damn man, I hooked up with Tonya last night. That girl got that good!"

"Mike stay beating it up, that nucca got that good!"
By Elberta

By Cariotta
A word often used sarcastically when something goes wrong.

*Tom slips and falls down a hole*
Tom: "goooooood!"

*Tom looks at his test, he got 3% correct*
By Othilia
A term used as part of an welcoming phrase.

By Nadya

Where the good at?OR
I got connect on some good.
By Caria