Define Got Em Meaning

Got Em
v. means to make a fool out of someone for the pleasure of others. Also can be used to signify one person abusing the other in any action, game, sport, walk of life. Can be especially useful in describing ownage in the sport of hanbdall when someone rolls another person etc.

By Glory
Got Em
when some gets dissed, caught or doesnt have comeback, you say got em to show they cant do anything about it

alex: yo moma said da same thing last nite bitch, wat u gon do?

jake: got em
By Marylynne
Got 'em
A phrase expressing jubilation after putting an individual in their place and forcing them to feel unintelligent.

Yo, look down at my fingers. Got 'Em! you looked you idiot!
By Felisha
Got Em
Verbal exclamation mark used to enhance a boom.

Pat!: Fuck yo' momma.
Wheelz: GOT EM
By Devi
Got 'em
Got em is a phrase used to indicate that one has been got in any way. What this means is that... if one is got that they have been embarassed to the fullest possible extent.

"What the fuck are you doing here, you fat ass, faggot ass litle nigga?!"
"Um... I'm sorry..."
"GOT 'EM!"
By Sandra
When you play somebody, you yell out 'GOT EM' ...right Aden?, lol

Person 1:Why is my moms number in your recent calls list?
Person 2:I dont know why your mom keeps calling, I fucked once and she doesnt get the hint, GOT EM!
By Marilin
Got 'Em
The act of burning someone so extensively that it warrants a high five and the declaration of the phrase "Got Em!"

"Eric and Chester see Nick walking down the halls sucking a lollipop."
Eric: Looks like heโ€™s practicing for later.
Chester: Got 'Em
"Eric and Chester high-five enthusiastically."
By Audre
Got 'Ems
Exclamation for when one has been had, tricked, pranked, insulted, pwned, or given an STD, etc.

Kory and Ashley have sex...


Kory: By the way, I have herpes... Got 'ems!!!
By Bernadette
Got 'Em
1. Used after some one is owned via verbal/physical abuse, especially via facebook arguements

2. Used after you hook up with/smash a very hot chick

3. Used after a very "g" moment takes place

After Josh told Amanda to get off his jock, Conner said Got 'Em!!
By Merrilee
Got 'Em
1. To have all the "hoes"
2. To have a lot of "friends" of the opposite sex
3. To have a lot of people of the opposite sex always trying to hang out with you
4. To always be seen hanging out with different members of the opposite sex
Term Originated at Vanderbilt University (2011)

Man look at Antoine, the ladies love him. I swear he's always talking to at least 5 chicks. He got game, and I swear some chick is always pursuing him. HE GOT 'EM!!!!! He got all the hoes!
By Helsa