Define Grace Meaning

a sweet and kind girl makes every one happy even when she is sad and is easy to foll for

dude 1. bro i think im in love with her
dude 2. well ya she is a grace

dude 3. i like her to
By Binny
grace is a child of god that likes to chant

grace is a weirdo
By Laure
anyone called grace is annoying. i don’t make the rules that’s just how it is.

she’s so annoying!!
yeah she’s called grace
makes sense
By Drusi
perfect representation of someone who does not mind their business

are you ridiculing someone for watching catgirl edits? god what a grace
By Clarie
Seems and looks like a quiet nerd at far, but she's a outgoing and fun friend to know. Don't mistake her for being a nerd, she's actually one of the most chaotic and exciting people you have ever known. Practically radiates positivity and mischievousness, loves doing things with her friends. Especially talking about embarrassing moments of her life. A very good listening ear, and even though she doesn't really know how to help you, she lets you vent to her! Loves k-pop (probably) and cows. She is very swag :D

"Grace looks like a nerd."
"Bro- you got it wrong- she's actually the most chaotic person I've ever met."
"Huh- Are you sure you know which Grace I'm talking about?"
"Yep. The one that loves cows and obsessed with straykids? Yep. Don't tell her what I said!"
By Laverna
someone really sexy and cool and funny and nice

grace eaves is really cool add her on instagram @grace_says_yolo
By Allyce

person 1: oooh it’s grace

person 2: she’s a fuckarooni
By Alyss
Grace is a kind and outgoing girl to be friends with. When you first meet her, it will be very awkward, but once you get to know her everything's chaotic and fun. A crazy happy girl that practically radiates positivity and mischievousness, you would want to be on her good side. She can go total crazy if you get on her bad side. Tip: Don't make her mad. She'll chase you around with a badminton racket or something. Probably loves cows. Quite Swag :D

"Wow, Grace seems like a really fun person to know!"
"Haha yes- I agree :D"
By Winnifred
she's a brat most of the time.

boy: why is she acting so bratty
girl: probably a grace😒
By Lottie
she is beautiful and thoughtful. she can be salty at some times, but she is also one of the more caring and kind people you will ever meet. she has beautiful eyes and a radiant smile, and she loves swimming

grace is so pretty and kind, what a great personality!
By Dacia