Define Gravy Meaning

adj. Mostly used in the context of it's good, great or delicious. It may also be used in the context of if something is without hassle or without a problem. Gravy has very chill undertones so it wouldn't be used, necessarily, to describe something very exciting or in an exclamatory way.

If something is better than gravy, it is 'gravy on eggos,' by the way. Sometimes 'gravy on rice' is used in place of that , but you can put gravy on anything and it means everything is great, ok and without problem to the max. 'Gravy on potatoes' is a good one too...

"Hey, sorry about accidentally knocking over your favorite vase, man."

"No worries, it's all gravy."


"How's your day going."

"All gravy, baby."
By Mozelle
gravy - 1)n. a liquidy substance commonly used as topping and/or sauce on various cooked meats i.e. "Would you like some gravy on your turkey?" 2)adj. signifying that something is cool, okay, all good, fine i.e. "It's all gravy, baby"

"Say, I've got a free ticket to that concert. You should come with me" "Gravy"
By Carlene
you maybe thinking of that lovely thing that goes on your sunday dinner, but its much more than that.

in fact gravy means good :)

By Emelia
work that co-workers only get. consisting of easy high paying jobs such as throttle bodies and tune ups. certain employees experience gravy more than others. primarily people named steve

"i had to buy you some buiscuts today steve"


"to soak up all that gravy youve been getting"
By Nicolle

(nonna):"Ehhh peppino, getta you hands outta my garvy!"

(peppino): "Nonna i just want a meatball! damn!.....Sorry i didn't mean
to swear, no dont hit me with the spoon!!!!"
By Lanna
It is the mixture of anal sweat and shit residue.
Feels like oil between your butt cheeks.

"Man it's hot out, my gravy's flowing heavy today!"
By Shanta

"ey man i juss got back from a chop i got sum serious gravy"
By Portia

man, that party was gravy
By Carmencita
Gravy (adj) defined from the word meaning thick brown meaty substance... used as a term of contentment...

ie, "how was your day?" "it was gravy"
By Celesta
Gravy is and italian american specialty(usually in new jersey and new york) that really just means tomato sauce. What's makes gravy gravy and not sauce is that it is cooked all day with braised meats. The meats include pork, veal, and beef. Meatballs, brachiolle, veal shanks, sausage, and spare ribs can all be found in gravy. Other words to go with gravy are gravy meat, and sunday dinner. Gravy is served every sunday around 4, and it is enjoyed with family, friends, good wine, espresso, and a shot of sambucca to end the night.

Hey mah, where the fuck is the gravy! My macaroni is dry!
By Joelly