Define Greg Meaning

the strongest fanbase on the internet

If you wanna be Greg, just subscribe and hit that notification button, and you will be Greg
By Shir
the fastest growing channel on youtube (don’t look that up)

By Molli
A scottish word used mainly in glasgow
meaning to always get drunk and flirt with women

do you like him?
Yeah hes ok but hes a bit of a greg...
really, i thought he was shy?
nah he flirts with all the girls when hes drunk
By Lebbie
A guy who likes to show himself after a shower and then acts shy. Just admit it -
you want it!

He keeps gregging me - must be awful horny
By Othilie
most wonderful guy you'll ever meet in your life, he would make you smile ina
heartbeat (: and hes deff bangablle :p but the biggest reason you'll love him is because hes just the perfect guy ever .

By Faustine
Slang term for a man's penis. Must be in lowercase, it is a common noun.

"Dude she totally wants my greg"
By Merci
a wonderful guy sorta nerdy who flirts with all the ladies and tries to act cool which he is but he has to show it from on the inside not the outside

nerdy, likes starwars, cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, amazing, defined, this is greg
By Kelcy
adj: to be insanely cool or tight;n. one who is ultimately the coolest person one knows.

"He seems like a greg person."
" i think Jake is my greg."
By Beatrice
a russian with a sniper who isn't afraid to use it

Dude 1: you know that guy up the street?
Dude 2: the one with the barbed wire fence?
Dude 1: Yeah, what a greg. gotta love it.
By Frannie
a awesome guy with godly hands and who is always right

wow that kids a greg
that greg is way better then taylor
By Jena