Define Gud Meaning

Abbreviation, or rather a lazy form of the English word 'Good'.

PS: Usually used by users from South East Asia.

By Amitie
in west bengal the word "gud" or "gud marbo" means fucking a girl/women in her vagina,cunt

"tor bou er gud marbo tor samne"..(i will fuck ur wife in front of you)
"tor bonke chude tor boner gud mere debo re madarchod"
"tor ma er gud mari sala rendir baccha"..
"ami tor boudir gud marbo"
"ami amar boudir gud marte chai"
these are very insulting & abusive languages that are being used with the word "gud"

gud, dhongudi,chut,nunu,fuddi,futo,magir futo,chutmarani,gudi,magi
By Cammi
Short for geographically undesirable. When a potential date lives to far away to make it worth the effort.

I was going to hit on Tina but she's GUD.
By Betti

magir gud
By Bibbie

“That big ogre dick was real Gud”
By Jandy

"I'm moving to florida!"
By Jacquelyn
Was Gud
Something mama Alan says when greeting his friends/children

By Constance
An adjective to describe someone who is better than the greatest

Wow he is so gud. Nobody can get gudder than he is. He is the guddest
By Janenna
Gud is used in a sarcastic way. It replaces the word 'good'. Often used if someone makes a mistake.

Person 1: I fell over today.
Person 2: You're gud.
By Elladine
Maggir phuto

Gud marbo maggi
By Jami