Define Gutierrez Meaning


Gutierrez is a god
By Kakalina
Spanish origins, any person with such surname similar to has either a massive schlong or a great breasts.

"Wow, that chick over there has beautiful jugs, she must be a Gutierrez"
By Mable

That guy over their has a big dick he must be a Gutierrez!
By Madeline
A great family, with a good heart, always care for people, never gives up, their Christian, and love God with all their heart. Some people might not like them because they’re jealous of their happiness, which comes from God.

The Gutierrez family is so happy all the time
By Malissa
Ms. Gutierrez

Oh look! A wild Ms. Gutierrez rolling down the hallway!
By Horatia
Jocelyn Gutierrez
A girl with many insecurities. Beautiful on the inside and out but doesn't think she's good enough for anyone. Has been hurt by many guys and that makes her not trust them. She's a great friend and will do just about anything to make you smile. She's amazing in relationships, very trustworthy and caring. She believes in being faithful because it's how she is. She's also an amazing kisser! Trust me, once you've met her you'll never want to let her go. So if you happen to meet Jocelyn Gutierrez, be happy you've found her and try your best to never let her go. You'll regret it later if you do.

Guy #1: I'll never meet anyone that has loved me so much as Jocelyn Gutierrez did.

Guy #2: Yeah, you let a good one slip away.
By Hermia
Dirty Gutierrez
the act of accidentally getting an erection by looking at another male take a shit.

Oh shit, last night I was so drunk, I walked in on some guy in the restroom taking a shit and I caught a Dirty Gutierrez. Then I blew him naturally.
By Jodie
Valeria Gutierrez

By Mollee
Jose Gutierrez
When a man and woman are in the 69 position and the woman farts in the mans face creating a chain reaction of disgust and vomit.

they were 69ing and then jose gutierrez cam for a visit.
By Carola
Kasey Gutierrez
an old land beast. most people figured it was a walking whale.
the Kasey Gutierrez weighs about 8000 tons and eats about 3 to 4 babies a day

it can leap in over 4 seconds and kill in under 3

also a well know nickname for the Kasey Gutierrez is over grown cock sucking whale

Kasey Gutierrez cunt fat whore and slut :D
By Ricky