Define Guy 2 Meaning

Guy 2
Used a lot of the time along with Guy 1

Guy 1: Hello Guy 2
Guy 2: Hello Guy 1
By Jacintha
Guy 2

Guy 1: Hi
Guy 2: Hi
By Natalie
Guy 2
The second guy, usually relating to a story that involves the teller who doesn't want anyone to know about a problem.

John said, "Ok, well there's this friend of mine, I don't wanna say his name, let's just say he's guy one. So he does this other guy, 'Guy 2' at a party and now Guy 1 might think he might be gay."

Everyone stares blankly...
By Lilah
Guy 1 And Guy 2
used in every urban dictionary example sentence. literally no one would have the conversation these guys bring up


Guy 2: thats fucking stupid, correct

Girl: i got sexed and i hate and i tell everyone. i also like the sex

this is guy 1 and guy 2 in an example. also girl is there too
By Jyoti
Guy 1 And 2
Seemingly in every Urban Dictionary definition. Not sure how they’re not worldwide famous

Guy 1 and Guy 2 in unison: Hi everyone, it’s Guy 1 and 2 and we’re famous on this website because examples are hard
By Madelena
Halo 2 Guy
Used to describe a person who is really good at Halo 2. The nickname is often used if the person's real name is either hard to remember or hard to pronounce, or if you just don't want to remember their name.

1. My friend Michael Crismon is really good at Halo 2, so everyone calls him "Halo 2 guy"
2. No one really knows his name, so we all just call him "Halo 2 guy"
By Trudy
2 Guys 1 Stump
A shock video on the internet which involves an amputeed soldier repeatedly shoving his stump into a fellow comrade's extremely wide arsehole.

2 Guys 1 Stump would make a good anti-army enlisting advert.
By Donna
2 Guys 1 Horse
Another internet gross-out video following in the steps of 2 girls 1 cup, 4 girls fingerpaint, and countless others. Video shows a naked guy bent over in front of a horse, which then jumps up and penetrates him, guided by another guy. Horse then starts thrusting aggressively while the guy moans loudly, ending with a LOT of horse jizz and screams from whoever is currently watching the video. The guy apparantly died later on, hardly surprising since the horse's dick was the size of his arm.

"Dude, did you see 2 guys 1 horse last night?"
"OMG, scared the shit out of me! Why would anyone do that?"
By Karlyn
2 Guys In A Hot Tub
There are two male homo sapiens in a relaxation machine called a hot tub, maintaining a distance of 5 feet from each other because they have no sexual/romantic desire with each other which is referred in a term of homosexuality or being gay.

2 guys in a hot tub, 5 ft apart cuz they're not gay
By Maitilde
2 Guys One Sandbox
The most painful video about a guy getting a dildo shuved in the head of his dick

Jack"go watch 2 guys one sandbox"
Jim"okay!*watches video"
Jim cries for the next two days thinking about it.
By Katlin