Define Guy Meaning


I'm not your buddy, guy!
By Sidoney
Guy - The new word for Dude, Man, Pal, Buddy, etc.

1.) What's up guy?
2.) No problem guy.

By Lilly
A respectful but informal greeting to a man. A term used to show acknowledge to a man which is casual as is using the word "sir or mister" which is formal.

As Tom sees his buddy Jim at the bar, he greets him by saying "Hey guy, what's up?"

As Tom sees his boss at a meeting, he says "Good morning sir" instead of "guy" because "sir" is more formal.
By Britteny
A kind Person all around kind, cute, sweet, thoughtful, loving,

Guy is a person with brown or green eyes with blond or brown hair

Most of the girls have a crush on him because he thinks of others and himself.

By Pen
its a guy

By Wally
A common word that is used for men and any object. Usually used for objects when the proper term is forgotten; in this case, can be replaced by thing-a-ma-jig, doo-hickey, thing-a-ma-bob, or what-cha-ma-call-it. Used by people lacking in intelligence like my friends and me.

"Guy, hand me that guy."
"Did you get the guy at the store today?"
"Guy your guy with a guy, guy."
"That guy is following me. I should guy him in the guy."
By Jasmine
A word that can take the place of any part of a sentence and make perfectly good sense. Normally used by bros and guys, but not for guys.

I went to the guy today and guy told me I got guy from guying that guy the other night.

A horse put his guy in a guy.
By Kissee
A horrible, crazy, maniatic creature who is addicted to sex. They play with the girl's feelings.

These GUY wanna be my boyfriend because he thinks my butt is nice.
By Clementina
Another word for homie or bro. Often used either as a compliment or a way of describing someone as a close friend, or a way of saying thank you

1. *makes death cup in beer pong*

Person watching: "What a guy!"

2. "Do you know Ben?"

"Yea he's the guy"

3. "Aye Josh if we order pizza will you go pick it up"

"Fuck I guess"

"You're a guy"


"Will you be a guy and go pick up the pizza?"
By Jehanna
(archaic) An word that can replace God used in exclaimatory context. Last used in the early 90's.

"Guy, it's like you weren't kidding!"

"Guy! Time to get out of here!"

"Guy. There's no way I'll finish this test in time."
By Daffie