Define Hammered Meaning

The state in which one finds themselves after ingesting large volumes of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms include: babbling, hysterical laughter, name calling, aggressiveness, destructiveness, momentary lapses of consciousness, stumbling, vomiting, yelling, incoherent singing, falling, profanity, overeating, extreme urination, indiscriminate flirtation, bad judgment, disregard for the value of money or a propensity for excessive spending and, of course, more drinking.

After watching Frank chug his eighth glass of scotch, I walked out onto the deck and saw him pissing on my grille and cussing out my parents. He was fucking hammered.
By Winona
(adj.) Heavily inebriated, though to a lesser extent than shitfaced.

Man, I'm gonna go out and get hammered tonight,
By Margaretha

By Evelyn
To be beyond drunk. Most often, those whom get to this state never remember being there. One test to see if someone has reached this plateau is to ask them to spell the word "hammered".

"Wow Matt your really hammer!"
"Snow Hime snot...zzzzzz"
By Charyl
so completley drunk out of ones mind

after 10 shots
dude zack is Totally hammered
By Danita
someone who has gotten themselves completely drunk

'people who get hammered won't be able to nail'
By Jane
Another definition to this widely used term referring to the act of getting bludgeoned (possibly to death) with the tool known as a hammer.

"I got hammered at Home Depot last night."
By Glen
The state of mind in which one is beyond the reach of the normal world. In some cases a good thing, because it is easier to score while hammered than while sober.

"So I got way hammered last night, and woke up lying in a dark alley next to a girl I never met wearing a trash can on my head. It was awesome!"
By Daria
To go through the fabric of the universe while banging your head with both arms raised in fists (preferrably the other holding the largest beer available and the other a bottle of cheap wine, also cigarette). Weed is an excellent addition to the this holy state of mind.

While pulling down an invisible train horn with your hawk flexing Hammered.
By Caresa
To be bludgeoned with a blunt object, particularly a hammer/mallet, esepcially in the face.

His face was kind of smushed in and bloody, so I guess he got hammered last night.
By Shirley