Define Hard Life Meaning

Hard Life
a phrase meant to connote sarcastic sympathy with someone's complaint. this someone must be a relatively privileged person whining about something that seems totally inane and irrelevant to most people of the world. Especially useful for those who go to school at an ivy league or comparable caliber school. this phrase may also be used with someone who has a perfect life and still finds reason to complain about it.

You're worried that your Google internship won't guarantee you a job offer? Hard life.
By Charlotta
Hard In Life
When a person exhibits largely positive mannerisms that have a jubilating effect to oneself, they are described as ‘Hard in Life’. Alternatively, when something positively benefits oneself, or emits an aura of coolness and positivity it can be described as ‘hard in life’. However, objects can also emit 'hard in life vibes'. It heavily varies, depending on the concurrent circumstances.

The Halal Akhs are Hard in life.
Trotsky's war train is Hard in life for my life
By Lizbeth
Hard At Life
A person with particular adeptness in the subject known as life. This person's ability to succeed and flourish in the subject known as life transcends that of a regular person, reaching hardness comparable to a superhuman.

"Yo, that guy seems particularly adept at the task that he is performing"
"Yeah, my guy seems hard at life"
By Beatrice
Hard Knock Life
To have a life that is difficult, where the elements of the world seem to be against you all the time.
For example, life on the streets, the life of a hustler or a dealer.

Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life"
It's a hard knock life for us, it's a hard knock life for us, instead of treated, we get tricked, instead of kisses, we get kicked, it's a hard knock life
By Lacee
Hard Knock Life
actually the song is originally from annie. it's harder to be a red headed orphan then a gangsta.

you think you got it bad? annie had a hard knock life, bitch.
By Estele
Hard Knock Life
Someone who lives a life full of hardships.

I'm homeless, lost an eye, got shot, I'm addicted to drugs, and persistently tortured by God for all my sins. It's a hard knock life...
By Nathalia
Hard Knock Life
to have a hard life' to live a gangster life

By Clotilda
Hard Knock Life
a song by Jay Z. Also used by Dr Evil in the film 'Goldmember' when him and mini me are in jail.

its a hard knock life for us, its a hard knock life for us, steada treated, we get tricked, steada kisses, we get kicked....
By Sorcha
Hard Knock Life
Dr. Evils rap song from the movie 'Goldmember'.

Repeated throughout song in background:
"It's a hard knock life for us.
It's a hard knock life for us.
'Steada treated, we get tricked.
'Steada kisses, we get kicked.
It's a hard knock life."

The Rap:
"I didn't know how to be, no crib on MTV. God only knows. Got my mini-me in the GP, see how it goes. Evil's all that I see, you ask me my name?
D to the Rizzo, E to the Vizzo, I to the Lizzo. I'm a crazy Mother******,
y'all knew that. Austin caught me in the first act, it's all backwards, what's with that? So I'll make a prophesy from the dogs to the mini-me.
Gimme an escalay to two-way bling-bling on eBay. Domino, M***********.
Yeah. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Uh-huh. It's for all my homies in Brouge. Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh. Ah, crystal, mymoto, a couple 'o bee-hotches, why not?
I gotta bust-a-move, drop-in bust-a-groove, feelin' fine.
Got an evil crew, Goldmember too, lick my nine. 'Till the I'll *** on my ********* brains out ***** I'll call and spooge in your ****. That's all, foshizzlemynizzle, y'all.
By Rora
Hard Knock Life
From the film Annie............. Basically it's shit being ginger and walking that scrotey dog. But in reality in 2012 - it's even worse thinking back to the bald headed fucker that adopted me & my dog! Dog = vets , myself = rape counsellor!

Cost me £80 fucking quid to sort my dog out and my bums still well sore - its a hard knock life!
By Nissie