Define Heather Meaning

someone who is prettier than you . More talented , Amazing and every guy would get down on their knees for her.

"she's a heather"
"she's the school's heather"
"My Sister is a HEATHER and im a rat."
By Beatrisa
1.A musical and movie but with a s at the end

2.A name for a female girl

Hi Heather!

I love Heathers its a good movie!

I'm Heather Brown.
By Tilly
beautiful, sexy, hot, over-achieving. short but cute.

she is the only heather I see.
By Annis
This is an amazing girl who is very outgoing. She loves to have fun and is always in a good mood. She is beautiful, loving, caring and any boy in the world would be lucky to have her to call his own. She has beautiful long brown hair that that flows down her back. Quite easy to fall for because of her charm and sence of humor. She isn't always the best at everything she tries but, she always tries her best and has a positive attitude. A great catch to bring home to your family.

She looks like she would be a Heather
By Prudence
Beatiful, creative,smart,spontanious, girl who would be a good catch to bring home to mother. Who is down right sublime.

My parents are going to love the new heather I am bringing home.

That girl is a heather!
By Tatiana
a BEAUTIFUL girl with the most ADORABLE voice that would simply make your day. her CUTE laughter would just leave you with a feeling that you can't describe, like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain, or the feeling of forever.

love me some heather ;p
By Siusan
1) A good person

2) The best thing that has happened to you

3) A person you can't stand to be away from

By Corabella
the girl who is a dork but is the coolest and best freind you will ever have. she will never leave you and if your down she will be there for you no matter what. she can always be trusted with anything, and she really cares about you she will always be your best friend no matter what. so if you ever meet a heather get to know her and become her best friend! she is the most awesomest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

megan-hey heather*says in a sad voice*
heather-whats wrong?
megan-i just dont know what to do?
heather do about what?
megan-my friend she sayd she was only my friend becuz she felt sorry
heather- if you need to cry at least u know u have my shoulder to cry on!!
megan- i know i cant on you. at least i know your my best friend and will always!!
By Amata

the kitten is heather!

awh your baby is heather.
By Olympia
A largely dysfunctional human being who challenges any coffee cup to contain it's liquid, field tests smart phones for durability, and can not operate exercise equipment, let alone operate staircases.

Oh man, are you okay? That was a total Heather move.

That coffee cup I knocked over didn't spill a drop, it is completely Heather proofed!
By Ilyse