Define Hed Meaning

Short term for marijuana, also, a type of shop specializing in the sale of drug related paraphenalia

I went to the hed shop to pick up a bong.
By Lotta

By Wandie

By Ashleigh
1. Lingo, slang writing for spelling "head". As in giving oral sex to a guy.

(Typically used on the internet by some lame guy who is trying to hide the fact that he cybers, so his mom won't find out.)

-"Do U Give Hed?" (notice the "U" instead of you. Also very lame.)
-"Man this girl gave me the most incredible hed ever last night!'s her number. Only cost me 3 dollars!"
By Meggi
HED (PE) a talented rap/rock artist, who knows how to party.
(not for goth faggots who think all rap sucks)

shalala here it comes again
shalala here it comes again
what a crazy life
-hed pe
By Gilly

hed (PE)
By Moyna

" i'm such a hed, i go to a night-club, and i pay, and i do what i'm told."
By Neilla
The word "hed" is commonly confused with "head." "Hed" is a synonym for "blow job."

The 98 year old prostitute next door gave my grandpa hed.
By Sandi
when a girl gets down on her knees in front of her man and sucks it all out.

she gave her boyfriend head.
By Janel
It's head without the 'a'

i'm gonna hed to bed, nite!
By Lina