Define Hell Yeah Meaning

Hell Yeah
the slang that divides Southern California apart linguistically wise.
Used by San Diego natives who are more laidback then their northern LA megalopolis counterpart.

A funny yet more innocent way of saying in agreeing with something.

-SD native, "hey did you see Monster Jam at Qualcomm the other day?"

-me, "hell yeah!"
By Celestyna
Hell Yeah

By Caye
Hell Yeah
most commonly used by rednecks, for just about anything good or bad

redneck 1: "my wife and kids they left me, I lost my job and my Hemi is busted"
Redneck 2: "well Hell yeah!!!"
By Pauly
Hells Yeah
Better than hell yeah. Used when you are extremely excited/happy for some reason or another.
Antonym: hells no

**Need something better than hells yeah? Try hell fucking yeah or hell fucking yeah bitch**

By Fan
Hell Yeah
Derived from "In the name of hell, Yes!", this saying expresses either great joy or agreement with either a speaker or an ongoing situation. It has been made popular by the WWE's (Formerly WWF) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"If you want to see Stone Cold open a can of whoop ass, gimme a Hell Yeah!"
Response: Hell Yeah!
By Phylis
Hell Yeah
Phrase used when showing excitement and agreement. You can change your voice to make it sound cooler if you think you are tight

"Give Randy the ball, he wants the ball!"
"And you want all the girls"
By Meggi
Hells Yeah!
A High snowboarder's response to an invitation to "smoke the bowl" - sitting on top of a ridgeline on a sunny day, soakin' up the view, gettin' ready to drop into a bowl of waste-deep fresh powder after a fat snowstorm in the mountains.

A: Yo dawg, you ready to smoke this bowl or what?!

B: Hells yeah!
By Ralina
Hell Yeah
the band Vinnie Paul created after the horrible, untimely, devastating death of his godly brother and the ending of their latest band, Damage Plan

I saw Hell Yeah and it was like an orgasm for my ears
By Maud
Oh Hells Yeah
An exclamation of happiness and approval

Person 1: The new {insert band name here} CD just came out.
Person 2: Oh hells yeah!
By Arlen
Hell Yeah Button
The key you want to use when a hot woman/man request to be your friend on Facebook.

"I just got a friend request from a hot chick on Facebook. I was like,"Where's the 'Hell Yeah Button'!"
By Mimi