Define Hey Meaning

A contraction for "Hello, I find you attractive and would like to dance with you, share some drinks with you, and then perhaps have sex with you. Nothing serious, of course, and I doubt that this will result in a long term relationship, but I would appeciate you considering my proposal."

Guy at bar to attractive girl: "Hey."

Attractive girl to guy: "Go to hell, creep." (Moves to other side of bar.)
By Marissa
1. The most informal form of greeting. Usually used in a friendly manner or to sound cool and relaxed.
2. An exclamation used to get someone's attention

1. Hey, what's up?
2. HEY! Wait for me!
3. HEY YOU! Get away from my wife!
By Dottie
another way of saying hi id like to get to know you both physically and mentally but mostly physically

By Freida
I word to use to get someone's attention. Even if you don't know the persons name by simply saying "hey" you can easily get their attention

guy 1:Hey Alex what's that guys name over there?
Alex: How the hell should I know?
Guy 1: Hey!!
Mystery guy: ::looks around confused::
Guy 1: O hi.
By Dyanne

By Catina
a slang term used by many people in place of hello

By Christian

By Marylee
A better and somewhat more attractive way of saying hi or hello.

(When texting or talking to the opposite gender)
hey= just friends
heyy= you're cute
heyyy= i have a crush on you
heyyyy= i love you
heyyyyy= i'm drunk

heyyy you😉
By Claudette
a slang term used in New England in place of a Greeting. Not rude or impatient just used as a neutral greeting to any person regardless of the mood. Used among the youth constantly and seen as rude by older people.

(conversation continues normally)
By Evvie
opening text sent by an awkward person to their crush

hey. . . .
By Nissa