Define Hock A Loogie Meaning

Hock A Loogie
To cough up and spit out a large glob of flem usually resulting in a loud a cough and throat clearing noise.

On the bus, we saw a young man "hock a loogie". He spit the loogie on the ground near an agitated yuppie.
By Nani
Hock A Loogie
To Hock a loogie, a slang term for To cut a fish.

ex. “ayee can you hock a loogie and throw it on the grill for dinner? i’ve got the munchies for loogie!”

past tense ex: the dinner menu read: “fresh poke bowls, hocked loogie.”
By Faustine
Hocking Loogies
To expell phlegm or any amount of secretions from the mouth in a loud form.

Jeremy was hocking loogies all day after a long night of smoking and drinking.
By Joella
Hocking Up A Loogi
To cough up a spit.

To make a noise with your throat that results in coughing up spit.

It sounded like you were ... hocking up a loogi.
(when he was making a gross noise with his throat.)
By Meggie