Define Hock Meaning

1. To sell or pawn something
2. To throw something

1. I blew all my money in vegas... now i gotta hock my watch to get the bus fare home

2. Quit hockin snowballs at me ya fool!
By Merilee
To cough up, generally only used in conjunction with the word loogie.

He hocked up a loogie and spit it at my mom!
By Karol
(can be used as a verb or noun) noun- gossip, or goings-on. Verb- the act of gossipping or to friends.

Noun- Yo Seth what's all the hock about?

Verb- Is he serious? No, he just likes to hock.
By Judye

He keeps hocking me for sex. She keeps hocking me to buy her a new car.
By Andeee
a groupchat on twitter filled with stinky people and harry styles 🤠✊🏻

can i join hock?

- not unless u smell!


hock is the most iconic groupchat on twitter
By Marlo
A bloke who fucks other blokes but does not participate in being fucked

Hes a mad hock.
By Teri
1) To sell, but not in a store.

2) To force mucus into the mouth.

1) He hocked his stereo system to provide for the surgery payment.

2) He hocked a loogie, and spat it toward my face (I ducked.).
By Twila

By Janaye
To push the testicles into the mouth; usually accompanied by slapping of the penis across the face.

"I'm gonna hock my balls in your mouth and slap my cock on your face" ... "Yeah shut up mate and eat your curry, you hocking twat".
By Jaymee
A fairly new suburb north of Perth (WA) inhabbited by young couples and little kids. They generally have a pet of some kind and participate in many community events.

"Where did Barry and Shella get to after the honeymoon last year"
"They moved to Hocking, expecting a little one"
By Lisbeth