Define Hoe Meaning


"Yeah, I fucked that hoe, but I cut my dick on the edge."
By Lib
Someone who lets any old color pencil into their sharpener.

Sharkeshia: I heard Antwan's bitch fucked his bestfriend, Lebron

Dolkeshia: What a HOE!
By Stephana
1: A Whore
2: Slang used in Texas used as a noun (Similar to jawn or joint (Philly and NY))

1 She has sex with everyone! She a Hoe
2 Where is your keys? Oh, I left that hoe in the car
By Aurel
the phenomenon that occurs when you look at a digital clock upside-down at 3:04. This exact time of day is referred to as "hoe"

student 1: dude, its hoe
student 2: hoe, sweet
student 3: HOE!!!!
teacher: HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!
By Kimbra
What santa actually means when he says ho ho ho.
A garden implement and a form of pleasure.

Santa is calling his three magic hoes

I like to hoe the ground on my garden
By Kathlin
a person that tries to ask out as many people as possible and fails to date anyone

By Malory
A word used by dumbasses who don't know that the proper word is ho. Unless you're actually here to research about gardening tools

Niggalations: that girl is sucha hoe!!!

Cheeks destroyer: boi did you just call her a gardening tool
By Nicol
a garden tool used for picking weeds.

ive got a dirty old hoe in my garden
By Addia

John is having a good old hoe in the garden.
By Emmalynne
1. a woman who is "easy", and will fuck just about anything with a heartbeat.
2. a tool for breaking earth, usually used in gardening.

"In Texas you got cows, tractors and hoes, in New York, you just got the hoes"
By Sherri