Define Hold On Meaning

Hold On
A phrase used to perplex, confuse, and annoy a person who really wants to talk to you. It can also be used to reroute the conversation in a direction more suiting to your interests by making the other person forget the original topic.

Amanda said, "I have something really important to tell you.
"Hold on," Brooks replied.
By Tiffani
Hold On
When you're making a phone call in New York City, this phrase usually means that the person on the other line isn't putting you on hold to help you, but to either talk to another customer or to make a personal call.

Hold on...(you're waiting ten minutes on the phone)...
(10 minutes later)...Sorry to keep you waiting. Your Edvard Grieg orchestral works box set hasn't come in yet.
By Aurea
Hold On
A phrase used on the phone to hang up or put the other person on hold for an little amount of time. It indicates that they are going to call back.

“Hold on, my sister is calling. I’ll call you right back.”
By Louella
Hold It
When someone is wrong or says a dumb comment.

“Yeah you can Hold It”
“Hold It”
Hold that L

“You can Hold It”
By Edithe
To have drugs to sell

Buyer - Yo, You Holding?
Seller - Yea, everything but crack, heroin and your cock.
By Theo
Holding It In
Holding in a piss or a shit, often on a road trip. A necessary life skill.

Jeff was holding it in on the bus ride; he really had to piss!
By Elnora
Possessing drugs for available for sale.

"I'm 'holding' if you wanna give me a call sometime."
By Atalanta
Hold It
another way of sayin, 'goodbye', 'lata' or '1'

1st person: im gon, meet me 2moro ye xx
2nd person: iite hold it xxx
By Hatty
Hold It!
1) What attorneys (usually the defense) say during a cross-examination when they question the witness in the Ace Attorney series
2) What a person says to stop something from happening in the Ace Attorney series (a voice clip usually won’t play)

1) Phoenix: Hold it! About what time would you say this occured?
2) Maya: Hold it! Lotta, your testimony stinks!
By Fiona
Having drugs to sell

Yea im holdin' also see holdin
By Willetta