Define Hotmail Meaning

contrary to what other definers have said, hotmail was not started by microsoft. it was started by an individual who had an idea of making a free email service available through the web. microsoft acquired it years later (1999, maybe). originally running on unix servers, it was moved to a windows architecture, which is why hotmail had less reliable service in the first year or two that microsoft owned it.

im registering this definition to my hotmail account.
By Cristal
Free email service you use when you don't want to give out your real email address. Better than your ISP email !

By Kristen
A mailing system delivered by Microsoft that gives you spam on toast in the morning and then feeds you junk in the evening.

Alex: Dude, I keep receiving fresh spam all the time in my hotmail account
Ben: It's called Hot-Mail for a reason - it serves freshly cooked spam all day long.
Alex: My bad
By Cathryn

im jus' checkin' my hotmail
By Jehanna
A free email service hosted by MSN which has lost it's greatness due to the fact that many people don't use the Microsoft Network any longer.

The other downside to this so called "free e-mail" is that it shuts off and deletes all your emails if you don't visit it on a regular basis.

Therefore, I use gmail and yahoo.

Fucking lost all my love letters you BASTARDS! all my emails from growing up.. so many lost memories... kill kill kill
By Charmian
Microsoft's greatest contribution for non-bizniz customers.

Send it to my hotmail
By Aida
probably the only thing microsoft has gotten close to doing right.

Dispite the fact that my hotmail account works like 6 out of 10 times and all i get is porn spam, its still better then the ISP e-mail account we have with outlook and all that crap.
By Nanice
a free e-mail service provider for extereme n00bs who are satisfied with only two mb of space, when gmail is offering more than 1000% percent of that.

hotmail is for pussies.
By Ivette
Free e-mail address.
Only thing Microshit...sry microsoft have got anything near decent.

"MSN Hotmail - Less Usefull Everyday"

Im sorry but I cant be the only one who gets pissed off when you try to go somewhere from just glad that ive got google serch instead.
By Stevana
Hotmail Man this mail is hot.
By Olwen