Define House Meaning

n. a style of electronic music originating in the late 80's in the USA characterized by four-on-the-floor bpms between 110-140, synthesized melodies and bass lines.

DJ Gldfnger plays great house at the club down the street.
By Kerrie
1. (v) to consume a substantial quantity quickly, completely, and with purpose.
2. (v) to beat in competition.
3. (v) to dominate.

1. David got home after not eating all day and housed two enormous Chipotle burritos.
2. We played the ladies' Ultimate Frisbee team last night and they destroyed us 5-1. They completely housed us.
3. Jane totally housed the GRE: she got a perfect score.

By Otha

"I have a house"
By Delly
A slang word with a hundred different definitions, 90% that were made up on the fly here at, to the point where it could be substituted for so many words you have no idea what the f**k someone would be talking about if he/she used each and every one.

A:Yo, I was listening to HOUSE at my HOUSE and my pants were HOUSED so low my HOUSE was hanging out. I then HOUSED up some Campbell's soup I HOUSED from the Bop-N-Ho. The stereotypical Indian storeowner got upset so I HOUSED that muhf**kah up.
B:Fa real?
A:Fa real. The Cowboys suck, I wish they'd take the HOUSE.
B:Man, I tell ya what, if the Cowboys take the HOUSE I'll HOUSE out my girl's HOUSE.
A:Fa real?
B:Fa real.
By Dena
Pronunciation (hous)

House Music: The original electronic incarnation from disco. House typically runs around 120 beats per minute (BPM) and uses a 4/4 time sequence and an eight bar repeating cycle. The beat is maintained by a heavy kick drum that alternates in a 1-3 pattern with a high hat accent. Like its disco roots, house often features vocal choruses, real instrumentation, and a more traditional song structure.

I remember house
before the superclubs.
I remember house
when people knew the lyrics of house.
I remember house
before recordlabels sold the house.
I remember house
when house was about love...
By Fionnula
Elite style of music that comprise of a consistent pounding beat with synth and bass over the top,done differently from techno and trance. It is the main clubbers choice and is reat to dance to.

'Although Erick Morillo is a twat and looks like a giant foetus, he does bang out some qualitay house music'
By Aubrey
n. 1. A structure or dwelling
2. Anywhere you are right now, usually used to accounce one's arrival.
3. A type of electronic based music, similar to trance or rave.

1. The cops just raided my house.

2. Give it up! Give it up! DJ Fucknut is in the muthafuckin house!

3. What kind of music do I like? I like house.
By Venus

"Good luck stopping him. He's a f*cking house."
By Dido
(verb) to make a place like your home

nigga1: yo i just banged a fat chick

nigga2: good job

nigga1: not really she's tryna house in my bed
By Traci

By Allsun