Define How That Meaning

An interjection indicating approval, congratulations, or gratitude. Common especially in Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada.

James: Hey Rodney, how did your water test go?
Rodney: I passed! I got my third in Campcraft!
James: How-how!
By Chiquita
How No
"How no?" is a Scotticism for "Why not?"

Person A: We canna do that!
Person B: How no?
By Sheelagh
How Be
Similar to "How are you", this phrase is often used at the beginning of IM conversations to inquire about the health of a friend.

IM 1: Hey...
IM 2: Hey, how be?
IM 1: I'm good, you?
By Kimmie
a breed between a horse and a cow

what the
By Edythe
And How
An expression of agreement. Can be used in place of 'indeed.' Can also be used sarcastically to get someone to stop fucking talking to you about frivolous things.

syn: you said it.

Rhonda: Juan, it's pretty cold outside today.
Juan: And how!

Erin: I told her to shut the hell up because she was being a whore. I mean who tries anal with her boyfriend and then tells the entire cheer squad about it? I swear, Kelly is so totally gay...
Franklin (clearly annoyed): AND HOW!
By Rebekkah
How's That
a term used in cricket, appealing to the umpire, for a wicket

how's that said the fielders
By Amelita
How's It
A greeting, supposedly a truncated form of "how's it going".

How's it, dude! Good seeing you.
By Mariel
How's It
Hawaiian slang for How is it going?
Popularized in the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show.

Hey, how's it bra. Have you seen this fugitive?
Thanks bra, aloha.
By Liz
How That
A phrase used by neds (chavs if your english) all over the world. They say it when they don't understand something or sometimes when they do but just want attention from the teacher/parent/authority figure present. It really means:
"Can you explain how that works" But being neds they just knock words of of sentences to let them speak more rubbish faster.

Teacher:"Why doesnt helium react?"
Parent: "Because it is a noble gas"
Authority Figure: "It has No outer electrons"
Ned: "How That!?!?!?!"
Chav: "Aye! How That?"
By Mariam
How To
A common random phrase heard on Space Cowboy online, usually from n00bs and newbs, asking for some kind of information which is normally either common sense or self-explanitory. To use this phrase properly, you must:

a) NEVER introduce yourself when you log on;
b) NEVER EVER RTFM or in-game SEARCHABLE FAQ or SCO website
c) NEVER EVER EVER have a good enough grasp of the english
language to ask the question properly or understand the
answer, and:
d) NEVER EVER EVER EVER type in anything but all caps.

jrandomn00b : HOW TO WALK!?
VeteranDude : your character is controlled by moving the
mouse and pressing and the left and right mouse buttons
Nerfherder4 : WTFLOL?!!!33forty-five
jrandomn00b : HOW TO TAKE OFF!?!?
VeteranDude : press the "take off" button at the bottom of your screen
Bystander66 : lmfao
jrandomn00b : HOW TO FLY!?!?!?
VeteranDude : i give up, man, i really do
Bystander66 : 'how to think for myself?'
Nerfherder4 : 'how to live?'
By Brooks