Define How You Feel Meaning

How You Feel
When you get roasted or say something dumb they are basically saying "how stupid do you feel" or "well you feel dumb dont you"

Me: The answers 10
You: No, it's 26
Teacher and class: It's 10
Me: Ohhhhh, how you feel
By Paulie
Tell A Boy With A K In Their Name How You Feel
k will become your Tell a boy with a k in their name how you feel

Tell a boy with a k in their name how you feel
By Freida
How Do You Feel?
rhetorical question,asked after one has failed terribly

guy 1: dude,let's go watch the new Twilight movie!
guy 2: (shaking head) how do you feel??
By Tammy
How Feel You?
A way of asking "how do you feel?" in the manner of the great and powerful master Yoda himself.

By Tessy
Tell Us How You Really Feel
An ironic riposte to an emotional or invective-laden tirade, meaning, more or less, "You've achieved the maximum of outrage."

So you say the teacher is a festering, mold-encrusted, reeking squid.

Now tell us how you really feel!
By Willi
I Just Wanna Tell You How I'm Feeling
The fifth line of the song 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley, or the first line of the pre-chorus.
Spoken only by men of wisdom.

John: 'You wouldn't get this from any other guy'
Jenna: 'I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling'
John: 'Gotta make you understand'
By Maureen
Really Bro, That's How You Feel?
When someone does something fucked up and intentional. Can also be taken as a joke sometimes.

Don: "Hey man, I kicked your shoes because it was in my way."
Ron: "Really bro, that's how you feel?"
Don: "It was an accident dude..."
By Judith
Tell Me How You Really Feel
The expression "tell me how you really feel" is said in sarcasm and irony after someone has said an anger or hate-filled statement, drawing attention to the anger and hatred (and implicitly mocking it).

Jon Stewart: Deep dish pizza is not only not better than new york pizza; it's not pizza. It's a fucking casserole. ...Chicago, I love your city, it’s one of my favorite places to visit… but deep-dish pizza is like a huge, crusted-over pile of diarrhea
Audience member: Damn Jon, tell me how you really feel
By Essa
Tell Your Crush How You Feel Day
April 3rd is the day you tell your crush u like them!

By Clarice