Define How You Meaning

How You
1. How are you?
2. Refers more to someone a person hasn't seen in a long time.

how you dawg? how you been.
By Danyelle
How's You
A grammatically incorrect phrase used as the second line of an internet conversation. It originated as dialect from the Shropshire area of England but has become more widespread over the past 10 years. How's you is an abbreviated version of "how is you". This is how a poorly educated person would ask "How are you"

Person 1: Hello.

Person 2: hi
Person 1: How's you
Person 2: I am still capable of forming grammatically correct sentences. How are you?
By Papagena
How's You

Boy1:How's you?
Boy2: Fine thanks
By Thelma
How You Livin
An endearing greeting question in regards to someone’s quality of life.

“Yo Robb, Haven’t Seen You In Forever”
No doubt... , How You Livin
By Vanda
How YOU Doin'?
Pick up line originated from the character "Joey" on the famous NYC based TV show "Friends"

By Corella
How You What

By Deni
How You Going

"How ya goin', mate."
By Dani
How You Doooin'?
The official greeting of the Wendy Williams show. Sometimes preceded by a tongue click and a quick sultry pose.

Audience member: How you doin', Wendy?
Wendy Williams: How you doooin'?
By Fernanda
How You Doin?
A quite funny pick-up line often used by joey from friends when he sees a women he likes.

A hot women walks past Joey
Joey: *sees a women he likes* walks up to her 'How you doin?"
By Charlotta
How YOU Doin'?
Pick-up line that never fails unless it's truely responded to.

Guy #1 "How YOU doin'?"
Girl #1 "tehe!"

Guy #2 "How YOU doin'?"
Girl #2 "I'm alright."
Guy #2 "What?..... Dear GOD!!"
By Bonita