Define How'd Meaning

slang terminology for "how did" or "how would"

How'd you get herpes on your arm?
By Lorry

By Mariette
That guy who has the girl way out of his league and you wonder 'how'd he' get her

How'd-he end up with her?
By Vivien
How'd It Go With Your Lady Friend? Carve Up Any Ice...with Your Wiener?
A quote from the will ferrell movie "Blades of Glory". Easily one of the funniest quotes in the movie

How'd it go with your lady friend? Carve up any ice...with your wiener?
By Ilyse
How'd The Call Go?
when discord asks you to give feedback on the call(?) after disconnecting from a voice channel. obviously i will click "don't show me this again"

Discord: How'd the call go?
By Ariella