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Human Female
Human Female


Linda from Futurama
She is referred to as Human Female by her co-host: Morbo

The Female half of the human species.
Symbol: ♀ Venus - The Goddess of Love
Biologically different from their male counterpart, the human female has XX sex chromosomes, a longer life expectancy, sex organs that facilitate children, breasts and many other things
Additionally they have different social expectations, although such a thing is undergoing thorough refinement in todays society
See also: woman, lady, girl

Morbo: Over to you human female
Linda giggles

Human Male: Nice breasts
Human Female: I have eyes you know...
By Lissi
Female Human
Another word for "girl" or "woman"

Used to identify someone

You are a beautiful Female Human.
By Eleonora
Female Human
A female human is amazing. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Female humans are very diverse. Some love male humans, some love female humans, some love both genders, and some love all genders. One of the greatest things about female humans is their strength. Sometimes, if they so choose, they can help create a living human being inside their body, and then expel it from their body. When they aren't doing that, their body is prepared to do it once a month, and they spend at least 5 days a month bleeding. Speaking of bodies, that is another amazing thing about female humans. Their bodies are incredibly beautiful. They can be as white as China and as dark as ebony, and they come in every warm shade of brown there is. They can be large and small, thin and thick, tattooed and pierced and scarred, with cellulite, stretch marks and body hair. Each one is beautiful, and belongs to that woman and no one else. Their minds are another thing. Some can have ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, Down syndrome, and many other things, but each is intelligent and capable of great things. Because female humans are strong, beautiful, independent and intelligent, they quite obviously don't have to do anything for anyone. They do not have to wear heels, makeup or dresses, make you a sandwich, have sex with you, be a certain weight, height or religion, or do ANYTHING they don't want to. Hell, they don't even have to have a vagina. If you encounter a female human, treat them with respect.

A female human is pretty awesome.
By Bernie
Female Human
something kiddo has never touched

β€œI’ve never touched a female human”
By Elfreda