Define Humor Meaning

1. What makes the worst moments of our already miserable existence that more bearable.
2. A sixth sense which some have and others don’t.

"That man has no sense of humor."

By Layne
What makes you laugh or be happy.

By Cherianne
n. A grown man being hit in the groin with either a.) a football, b.) a fencepost, or c.) their child's toy bat.

Sadly, the only true form of hilarity in our world today. For less pure forms of humor, see also George W. Bush, leprosy, and Dirty Sanchez

I'm in need of humor; Bill! Go grab me that football.
By Henriette
A quality that few here possess.

Have you read a humorous definition on this site? Ever
By Ruperta
The use of language or actions to induce laughter. Can be in many forms. slapstick wit sarcasm comedy irony as well as many others.

Also used to describe a mood.

Cindy exhibits good humor when she tells her boyfriend, "Sure, I will happily give you head."
By Marybelle

By Luise
Adjective used to describe a funny or humorous entity. Commonly used as a substitute for "funny" in Southern California.

Person #1: Bro, did u see Gary fall off of the roof at the party last night?

Person #2: Ya, that shit was humor as fuck.
By Lillian

that maggie pollard girl is awfully humorous! she really makes me laugh and entertains me!
By Gertie
Anything that is funny, witty, or amusing, or that has the capacity to make people laugh. Can be categorized in polarity as having the merits or demerits of "good humor" or "bad humor" Most forms of humor can be classified into the following taxonomies of comedy: slap-stick, misunderstanding/farce, innuendo, pun/word-play, mimicry, parody/satire, irony/sarcasm, exaggeration, analogy/comic metaphor, inappropriate response, comic repitition, reversal of reality, and black humor. Humor is derivative of the Latin word "umere" which means moist. (Oxford Dictionary of Psychological Terminology - "Humour)

pun/word-play: "Americans have little to no understand of comedy therefore the "u" is exempt in their humor"
By Suzann
The cross between humorous and comical. Something that is so funny and amusing it's not just humorous it's humorical.

Oh wow that joke was so humorical!
By Zitella